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“Dr. Bennett listens to you, advises and treats based on your individual needs. She has always helped me, her service and office is excellent.”


“I wanted to take a moment to share with others one of my favorite finds. Dr. Amy Bennett. Dr. Bennett is truly a treasure. She is a wonderful chiropractor that is kind, caring and gentle. If you have never seen a chiropractor and are considering chiropractic care but have doubts or fears, see Dr. Bennett. All of your doubt and fears will be gone. If you have experienced chiropractic before and are used to twisting and popping, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that Dr. Bennett’s gentle techniques provide the same, if not better, results.”


“I highly recommend Dr. Bennett to anyone that is having back/neck/shoulder problems.  I started having some lower back issues over a year ago and since going to see her I have had no other issues. She is very friendly and personable and always full of joy. I have recommended her to many friends and work associates and they have been pleased as well. Thanks Dr. Bennett for being who you are and for helping me to a better quality of life!”


“5 stars is not enough! I have been going to Dr. Bennett for almost 2 years. In this time, I have recommended her to friends, co-workers, and even my wife! There is no higher compliment than that! (Especially since my wife previously worked for a chiropractor, and is very particular about who she will trust for chiropractic care.) Dr. Bennett takes time to get to know you, understand the origin of your pain, and provide an effective adjustment. She makes you feel welcome and genuinely cared about. An appointment with Dr. Bennett is a bright spot in my day, not only because she is a skilled chiropractor who keeps my spine in tune, but also because she is such a warm, positive person to be around. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Bennett and you will be, too!”


“I was very skeptical where chiropractic care was concerned. The whole idea scared me, from the sounds of the adjustment table to the visions in my head of how adjustments were made. However, when my back went out and I could not walk, I knew that I wanted to try something other than pain medication. So, I prayed and God led me to Dr. Bennett. Just let me say, she was the opposite of everything I had heard about chiropractic care, in a good way. She explained to me what was going on in my body and helped me learn how to tune into what my body was trying to tell me. She did not ever once make me feel like I had to come in a certain amount of times to get relief; she offered me a plan of action. The plan of action was asjusted each time to how my body responded. Dr. Bennett was very up front with the fact that if she felt at any time I needed to have and MRI or any other type of medical care, she would send me immediately. I love how she made me feel at ease from the very first visit. I know Dr. Bennett is interested in my individual care and takes every measure to help me get better. I ABSOLUTELY love her!!!”


“I have seeing Dr Bennett for several years. Her care has revolutionized my life. I have a much greater range of motion from before her care. Dr Bennett is very outgoing and positive, which makes for a great doctor. I like that she explains everything, gives me exercises that I can do at home and when I come in for each appointment you are welcomed with a smile. From the first day, Dr. Bennett was very professional and upfront about all cost and procedures. If you think you need any chiropractic care, I highly recommend Dr. Amy Bennett”


“Dr. Bennett took the time to thoroughly explain the entire spine and nerve relationship with me since some of my issues are nerve-related. She is also sensitive to the tightness caused by fibromyalgia. I have been to several chiropractors in the past but Dr. Bennett’s friendly welcoming approach have been such a pleasant difference! She also is always willing to answer ANY questions, no matter how small. I also appreciate that she is more interested in helping you heal as soon as possible, rather than encouraging patients to continue coming (to create revenue…). I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bennett! -H.D. Smyrna”


“I visited Bennett Chiropractic after developing a painful pinched nerve in my neck and left shoulder area. I waited 10 days, hoping the pain would go away on it’s own…but it persisted. The doctor x-rayed my area of concern, pointed out the area that was causing the condition, and then immediately went to work to resolve my pain. Dr. Bennett also called to follow up with me the very next day after the initial treatment, to see if I was doing better. I have always been very skeptical of chiropractic care, to be honest. I’d been to 2 chiropractors before, without much improvement. Now I know the next time I need help, I’ll be calling Dr. Amy Bennett. Thank you again, Dr. Amy Bennett!!”


“Where to begin, I absolutely love the care and treatment I receive at Bennett Chiropractic. I am in the medical field and know the opinions of alternate therapies, but after two months of struggling with my back I finally broke down and went back to chiropractic therapy. She is my own personal miracle worker. From a kind smile when you walk in to “healing hands” and personalized therapy sessions, I am a new person again. She was even able to help me with my “monthly” migraines, an added bonus that was not apart of the original complaint. She was even flexible and understanding when I need to reschedule or get an “emergency” session at the last minute. I will never hesitate to see her again. I highly recommend the personal service you will receive with her. Thank you, Dr. Amy Bennett!!


“Dr. Amy Bennett genuinely cares for her patients. Before my first appointment I was nervous, but once we met, she completely set me at ease. During my first visit, we sat down and talked about what was hurting. Then we took a few x-rays to confirm the problem areas. She took the time to show me the x-rays and explain the reasons I was experiencing pain. She adjusted my spine that visit, immediately helping me with the pain. I had been to a chiropractor before, and Dr. Bennett’s adjustment was very gentle because she used the “drop method” which apparently uses gravity to assist in the adjustment (rather than the “brute force” I was accustomed to with other chiropractors). This method feels more like a soothing back rub than an adjustment! After just a few weeks working with her and Don Westcott for massage therapy, I felt like a new person!! I have been going about once per month just for maintenance for about a year now, and STILL FEEL GREAT!! If you’re looking for a capable, experienced chiropractor who always makes you feel welcome, Dr. Bennett is the right choice. Thank you so much Dr. Bennett!!”


“Amazing! After an acute injury (steps mishap) I had severe lower back pain and after just a few weeks with Dr. Bennett I feel much better. I actually feel good enough to get a round of golf in today!” 

“Dr. Bennett is a miracle worker. I have had back pain for almost a year. After multiple visits to my primary care doctor with no relief,I was beginning to give up hope, I found Dr. Bennett and she was the best thing that could have happened to me. After a few months of treatment, I went from crying with pain everyday to being on the road to recovery. She has helped me get my life back. Dr. Bennett went over my xrays and explained my issue and what to expect with my treatment.I found out more in my first visit with her than I did from months of treatment from my primary care doctor. She was very comforting and gave me hope once again.Thank you Dr. Bennett!!!”


“I suffered with knee pain for two long years after undergoing knee surgery for a torn miniscus. All the orthopedic surgeon offered when I continually complained were pain pills and of course, more surgery. Thank goodness I did not give into that. A friend told me to visit Dr. Bennett’s office. So reluctantly I called and made my first appointment because I did not think there was anything she could do. Well, how wrong I was! After just two months of visits to her office I am able to walk for longer periods of time, sleep without pain, the swelling is gone, I am able to play with my grandchildren without grimacing in pain. I have started riding the horses again and did an hour in the pool on Monday. My weight is dropping off because I am moving again — all I can say is THANK YOU Dr. Bennett for your dedication to making lives better! You are the best!! Respectfully, Dr. Shelar”


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